City of Stars

By now you've probably noticed I have a deep love for outer space. It's a world so unlike our own and one full of magic and mystery....

In the cosmos, billions of galaxies extend across the universe, icy bodies travel with tails, black holes put on disappearing acts, and beautiful arrays of colour are displayed at the birth of a star. Outer space fascinates me and turns my eyes to the Creator. The beauty, glory, and power are merely a reflection as He looks into the dark and silent canvas. 

While I was in LA, I visited Griffith Observatory. I've visited before but I knew I had to be there again. It is home to the man-made things of outer space and encompasses a large telescope with which one can look deeper into the night sky. It is also the location of the most magical scene in one of my favourite films, La La Land, where the characters dance amongst the starry skies. 

Wearing: Starry jumpsuit via Winners (similar), White Perf Leather Keds, Similar sunnies