90's Girl

It's crazy to think that I've actually lived in another century. I feel lucky to have barley made it into the 20th century because everyone else being born now will never get to say, "I've lived in two centuries!" Haha maybe this proves how weird I am....

I think that train of thought came from the fact that this dress is from the 90's. I thrifted it at a vintage shop in California while I was visiting. One of the best feelings in the world is when you try on a special find at a thrift shop only to discover that it was basically made for you because it fits you to the tee. Makes me wonder if the girl who wore it before me was like me in any other ways. Who knows, maybe she liked outer space, hats, and splashing in the ocean waves. 

Wearing: Another denim dress option from the 90'sSimilar hat