Little Yellow Canary

How to wear a canary yellow frock in winter AND spring....

Hello hello! Long time no see! Sorry for the hiatus but I'm back at blogging again! I thought I'd try something new around here...if you know me than you know I love fashion. Fashion blogs are what got me into blogging in the first place! So I thought I'd play around with it a bit more on Space Diaries. 

Today I'm sharing my new favourite dress with y'all. It's the first addition to my spring 2017 wardrobe. But since Vancouver hasn't fully warmed up all the way, I wanted to show you two ways to wear it during transition from  winter to spring.

If you can recall my first ever style post, then you've seen my first trick before. I love layering long-sleeved turtlenecks underneath sleeveless dresses in the winter time. And if it's warm enough you can drop the tights to give your outfit a little more balance. 

Denim jackets are my go-to for spring and fall. They provide enough warmth without heating things up. The jacket paired with this dress also makes me feel like I'm going to a picnic! I bought this jacket from American Eagle Outfitters a looong time ago but you could still pick up a similar one from there! (Or this one from Urban Outfitters that I'm currently crushing on!) 

Wearing: Old Navy swing dress