Space Beauty: Amber Eyes & Berry Lips

The perfect makeup look for a crispy autumn's day....

Amber Eyes & Berry Lips -- Space Nineteen 98

When it comes to makeup, I like to hang on the natural side. You know, just a little bit of concealer to hide those dark under eye circles, a bit of tinted gel to keep those brows in place, and maybe a tad of mascara to spice things up a little. But sometimes I like to step up my look with glitzy eyeshadow and a bold punch of lip -- especially in the fall/winter time -- and that's what this post is all about. 

Amber Eyes & Berry Lips -- Space Nineteen 98

Before we tap into that pot of gold (or amber really) let's prep the face. After moisturizing, use either your favourite foundation, bb cream or tinted moisturizer and concealer to cover up any discolouration and to hide any blemishes such as acne or scars.

Next let's add some bronzer to add an autumnal glow and give warmth to combat those chilly days. Lightly brush Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer over the areas of your face that the sun would normally hit -- the top of your forehead, cheekbones, and along your jawline. I even add a tad along the bridge of my nose and tip of my chin.  

Amber Eyes & Berry Lips -- Space Nineteen 98

Now let's tend to those brows. This is an important step as it will balance out the look once you've done your eyes and lips. For natural, neat & full brows, try using Maybelline's Brow Drama

Ok let's get glitzy. Using either a brush (for a more packed-in look) or your finger (for a lighter sheen), tap into L'Oreal's La Couleur Infallible eyeshadow in the colour Amber Rush and apply all over your eyelids. Then from the Maybelline The Nudes Palette, take the dark bronzy colour and apply to the outer corners of your lids. Add a little more definition by lining your upper lash line with Covergirl's Perfect Point Plus eyeliner in Espresso.

Next let's give those lashes a little lift. I curled them before applying one coat of Covergirl's Super Sizer mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. 

Amber Eyes & Berry Lips -- Space Nineteen 98

Now for the finishing touch that will bring this whole look together! Line your lips and lightly shade them in with Essence's lipliner in Soft Berry before applying NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen. Lining your lips will give them a cleaner edge and will make your lip look last longer!  

+How do you like to spice up your autumn makeup look?