Make Your Own Trick-Or-Treating Bags

Almost forgot the most important part? Quick to make and customizable to your costume, you won't want to go trick-or-treating without these bags....

Harry Potter Trick-Or-Treating Bags -- Space Nineteen 98

Who's excited for Halloween? I sure am!

This year I'm taking my little cousins trick-or-treating (AKA an excuse to get free candy at my age) and we're all dressing up as Hogwarts students from the Harry Potter movies. We bought our costumes online weeks ago but almost forgot the most important part -- something to collect our candy in! 

I searched around trying to find something cute and inexpensive that would compliment our costumes (I thought these mini cauldrons would be perfect but of course it's sold "online only"). Then I thought of this fast, cheap, easy, and timeless DIY. (I mean who doesn't want all that?!) 

What you need:

Blank canvas tote bag

Inkjet Transfer Paper for Light-Coloured Fabric

Computer or laptop 

Inkjet Printer*

*Make sure it's an inkjet printer and not a laserjet or you'll wreck your printer and your image! Trust me on this one -- I've been there and done that. 

Harry Potter Trick-Or-Treating Bags -- Space Nineteen 98

All you need to do is choose an image online or type up some words on a word processing program (or click to download the one I made). Before printing, flip your graphic horizontally so that it is mirror image. That way when you iron it onto your bag it'll go on the right way.   

Now this is the important step: Read and follow the transfer instructions on the package to iron on the graphic to your bag. (I usually ditch the instructions and yolo it but guys, take my advice from personal experience on this one -- it never goes down well.) The instructions will vary depending on the brand of transfer paper. If you have trouble understanding them, the company usually has an instructional video on YouTube that you can watch. 

Harry Potter Trick-Or-Treating Bags -- Space Nineteen 98

Voila! Your bags are ready to take out trick-or-treating! And once the night is over, you can reuse them as shopping bags, book bags, or smuggling bags! (You know, the ones that smuggle candy into the theatre. After all, I'm up to no good!) 

+What design are you going to put on your bag?