Welcome To Outer Space

Hello friends! Welcome to my newly designed and re-branded blog! Man do I ever have a lot in store for this space. Let me point out a few updates first....

Welcome To Outer Space -- Space Nineteen 98

One of the first things you've probably noticed is that I have a totally different name and URL. When I first started blogging, I wanted a fun & personal name and the only thing I could come up with was "It's Victoria". But I've grown out of that and I wanted to choose something different and more meaningful. Introducing Space Diaries. But what the heck does that mean?! Well I have an obsession with space -- every since I was little. I also wanted to create my own little space in the internet world so I thought “Space” would be appropriate. And "Diaries" because this is where I'm going to be documenting and sharing my life and style.   

Also can we all appreciate the fact that there is NO MORE WORDPRESS.COM TAGGED ONTO MY URL?! 

Welcome To Outer Space -- Space Nineteen 98

You'll also find that it is waaayy easier to navigate through this site. I've got the nice pages bar up at the top where you can learn more about me (includes FAQ!), contact me, and easily access my YouTube channel. (Click it -- it's amazing. No really -- click it! You'll see what I mean. ;) And the side bar contains all of my social links, categories, and any features I'm doing or have done in the past. There's also a pretty spectacular search bar up there and I mean it -- it's pretty cool. 

Welcome To Outer Space -- Space Nineteen 98

Another thing you're probably wondering about is "where did all of the old posts go?!". I've decided that since I'm taking on a whole new branding for this blog, I'd leave my previous posts behind. I'll always keep the old blog available for my "old" readers so if you're ever missing some of my old stuff you can hop on over there (same URL - nothing will change!). But I may repurpose some of my old content over here so stay tuned! 

However, I have taken the yoga camp feature along with me to this new space but instead of being mixed in with my regular posts, I've created it's own little place. If at any time you'd like to read my yoga camp posts, you can find the "secret door" in the sidebar to your left. It's under "features".   

Welcome To Outer Space -- Space Nineteen 98

Now that I've gotten more serious about blogging, I'm hoping to post here more often with original content as well as up my photo quality! I've started investing $$$ into my blog and not only does that include a professional-looking site but Adobe! We're quickly becoming best friends. ;) 

As for my posting schedule, for now I will be posting once a week -- no particular day -- one post per week. In the future when I have more time to invest into my blog I will probably start posting more often. (Make sure you're following me on social media & Bloglovin' so you can be notified when I do post something new!) 

Welcome To Outer Space -- Space Nineteen 98

I'm also launching a YouTube channel! I love making videos just as much as I love blogging and I thought they compliment written and photographs well as videos often bring everything to life and let you get to know the person behind the blog better. For now I plan to only upload about one video a month as I believe in "quality over quantity". However this will probably change in the future as I grow Space Nineteen 98 and will hopefully one day get to dedicate all my time to it! 

So if you're interested, hop on over to my YouTube channel or use the portal in the top left hand corner. There you'll see my very first video -- my channel trailer (or you can watch it below too!). Watch it, like it, comment on it -- you know the drill! And don't forget to subscribe while you're there so you can be notified of my next video!

Okay, I think I said everything I wanted to. But if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask in the comments below!   

I hope you enjoy this space as much as I do! 

+What is YOUR favourite blog update?