Galaxy Gift Guide: Mom's Day

Mother's day is right around the corner! Stumped on what to get her? Here's a quick gift guide that will hopefully give you some great ideas....

Mother's Day Gift Guide -- Space Diaries

Bath bomb. A bath bomb is a great way to give your mom more than just a excuse to take some time for herself! There are so many lovely-smelling bath bombs out there but this Lush one makes it extra personal.

Tea gift set. If your mother is a tea drinker, then find some new teas for her to try out! An already-made set (like this one from Teavana) makes the search and packaging a whole lot easier!  

Greeting card. Sometimes a pretty greeting card is all you need. It shows her that you put in the time and resources to pick out one you think she'd like and write a special message just for her. In my opinion, Rifle Paper Co. makes the best greeting cards.

Photo book. Moms often reminisce of the times we were young so why not compile your favourite childhood photos into a photo album for her to look through when she's feeling nostalgic? Chatbooks are a fun, easy, and affordable way to do this. 

Take action. Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for someone, but often a hug or an act of service goes a long way. Do something nice for your mom like clean the house, take her out for lunch, or give her a hug. It may mean a whole lot more to her than anything else you could have given her. 


+What are you doing for your mom on Mother's Day?

California Dreaming

A cute, comfy, and cool outfit for a day in sunny California or an unusually warm spring day in Vancouver....

I'm counting down the days until I finally get to escape to Californian sunshine! In the meantime I've been planning my packing list (like a month in advance I know). Is anyone else kind-of insane when it comes to packing? Like I'm-gonna-test-out-my-outfits-before-hand-to-see-if-they-work insane? 

Well you can expect to see me wearing this outfit in California because it past my test! 

Victoria's test to see if she should pack the article of clothing in question into her carryon suitcase for a roadtrip to Southern California: 

1. Is it cute? (duh!)

2. Is it comfy? (To withstand long car rides and walks on the beach)

3. Is it cool? (Temperature-wise. Spring in SoCal will definitely be hotter than the ones in Vancouver)

Spring Rebel

I've decided to show spring who's boss by bringing out the summer pants....

....And the sandals, and the straw hat, and the kerchiefs. According to CKNW, this spring Vancouver broke our rainfall record. (We don't call it Raincouver for nothing!) So I decided to radiate some sunshine of my own by bringing on summer from my closet. It may be April showers but I'm gonna be a rebel. 

Also a funny behind-the-scenes of this shoot: This is attempt 3.

When my sister (AKA photographer) and I arrived at our original location to shoot (that's traffic and hills away), I realized I forgot the SD card. (Please someone tell me you've done this before!!!) I was so mad at myself that, after retrieving my SD card, I thought I'd make a point by taking my photos in the Walmart parking lot. Thanks to my sister (AKA the person who talks sense into me), we made the effort to drive around a bit until we found the right location. (Although I still like the idea of Walmart parking lot, I have to agree that this was probably the better option.) 

Ways YOU can help save Earth!

Earth day is this Saturday! We all have birthdays to celebrate our lives on so it’s only fair that the earth gets one too. After all, if it didn’t exist we wouldn’t either....

Ways YOU can help save Earth! -- Space Diaries

Chugging down that train of thought, did you ever stop to think about how harming the earth will backfire on us and harm the people living on it too? Yes – that’s me and you! So here are some ways we can be earth super heroes together! If we all do a little here and there, we can make a big difference!

Stop using the garbage can

Okay of course I don’t mean that literally (although some do and it's pretty incredible). I mean start thinking twice before you throw something out. Can you reuse it? Can you recycle it? Can you compost it? The blue and green bins do have a purpose you know – and a good one too! Let’s let them do their job, ok?

Turn out the lights

Earth super heroes – here’s your job on the weekends! Turning out the lights when you’re not using them is the easiest thing you could do and it saves electricity instead of wastes it. All it takes is the flick of a switch. And take advantage of the natural sunlight when you can! After all that’s one of the reasons why it’s there.

Spare the plastic or save the plastic

Zip-locs and plastic grocery bags – nemesis of the earth. Plastic doesn’t decompose so when you throw ’em out and they end up in landfills, all they do is sit there! So why don’t you save them the boredom and let them move onto their next life. Or just stop using plastic altogether and explore other options out there like reusable containers and cloth shopping bags.

Ways YOU can help save Earth! -- Space Diaries

And save the water too

Turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth! I’m sure you’ve heard it a billion times and if you still haven’t listened to that great piece of advice – do it now! And have you ever considered how much water you waste when you take a 10 minute shower? Yeah I’m not gonna do the math but that’s a lot of water going down the drain – literally. Spare earth the 10 minute concert. You can sing in other places too.

Say so long to hairspray

Unless it’s the earth-friendly kind that doesn’t come in aerosol cans! Who knew that our seemingly innocent helpers actually hurt the ozone layer that protects us from the harmful  UV rays of the sun?! Friends, our lives are more important than our hair.

Make less or eat more (but don't) 

I’m sure we all know the sorrowful tale of food and waste. So I’ll spare you the sad story and just ask you to next time make/take less food or finish everything on your plate. Don’t let it go to waste. And I know it sounds cliche but it’s true – think about those who are less fortunate than you. (Ok that rhyme was both amazing and unintentional.)

Ways YOU can help save Earth! -- Space Diaries

Go vegetarian

Raising animals for meat uses up a lot of resources and produces a lot of greenhouse gases. So by eating less meat or dropping the food group entirely you’re actually contributing positively towards the environment.

Get some exercise

I know how convenient it is to hop into your car and drive to your destination but poor Earth will be left in the dust coughing up those fumes. Consider stretching your legs and walk – or bike! – to your destination if it’s local and think public transportation or carpooling if it’s further away. By helping yourself get some exercise you’re helping the environment too!


+Have another tip on how we can save earth? Please share it below! And make sure you share these tips with your friends. I’m sure they’d want to be considered heroes too!

Holy Guacamole!

I am happy to announce that spring is well on it's way to Vancouver....

Today actually felt like spring because 1. It was hot out 2. I wore shorts and 3. I cut the lawn for the very first time in my life?!


My go-to spring outfit has always seemed to be a pair of good jeans and a fun tee. So let's talk about them! 

Firstly, this t-shirt is the best. I mean holy guacamole there's an avocado on the pocket! I discovered it at Old Navy and immediately fell in love with the shirt transfer/embroidered look. I have a feeling this t-shirt will be worn repeatedly over the next several months! 

Secondly, I've been living in these jeans since the fall (no to my fellow siblings-in-Christ...not that fall). If you're looking for a good pair of high waisted black jeans that will keep it's shape, than these are it. They're nice and tight but have the right amount of stretch to keep 'em comfy. I'm definitely gonna be shopping for more denim at Urban Outfitters

+What is your spring uniform?