Loving Victoria #UOLoveStories

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love me, do you love you?....

I've learned a lot about Victoria. Her quirks, her likes, and what makes her tick. I've been pretty proud of her at times too. I've congratulated her and have given her some pats on the back. But I've also picked out her faults...many faults...and shook my head at her shortcomings. I've sometimes wondered why she thinks that ways, speaks that way, acts that way, looks that way. Why was she made that way? But whenever I look into her eyes through the mirror, I see her Creator. He made her that way because He wants her that way. He wants her. He loves her. And that makes me love her. 

Wearing: Urban Outfitters cardigan, denim & bralette

Le Faux Plante

(Pardon my intentional horribly incorrect French in the title) If you love plants but are missing the green thumb, then I have a perfect solution for you....

I've finally given up on plants. Or maybe my plants have finally given up on me. Flowers, succulents, cacti -- you name it! I've killed em all. So I've finally reverted to the only solution left: artificial plants. I never liked fake plants because they look, well, fake. But after I stumbled upon these at Michael's, I'm sold.

I made a little haul video that I hope you'll enjoy! 

+Have you ever given artificial plants a try? 

Space Style: Leather & Lace

Edgy faux leather and feminine lace create the perfect street style look and the pops of colour are like icing on the cake.... 

I don't know what to write about other than the fact that today was a very good day. I woke up to Sunday my favourite day of the week. I had Honeycomb cereal. I went to church and taught kids about Jesus. I ate the best breakfast of champions for lunch. I bought some makeup with my sister. We had a coffee date at Starbucks. Starbucks finally has almond milk. We shot these beautiful photos. My heart is full. Thank you Lord for blessing me.

Btw this post was not sponsored by Starbucks. :)

Wearing: Zara jacket, Zara dress (old), Thrifted purse & boots, Tights (sustainable option), NYX lipstick in Kitten Heels 

Cure the winter flu + a recipe

Being sick is not fun but having the right necessities by your side with help you get through it....

Cure the winter flu + a recipe -- Space Diaries

When illness overtakes you, I've found that the best remedy is sleep. (The secret behind cold medicine? It makes you drowsy so you're forced to take a nap.) But when you're not asleep, what can you do to make that stifling cold a little more bearable? 

To cure the sniffles, use soft tissues. Once I was hit really hard with a fierce cold and went through several tissue boxes to stop by nose from running away. You can imagine what it did to me! I was Rudolph x100 with a really sore nose. So I highly recommend using soft tissues. It will make sickness all the more bearable. 

Cure the winter flu + a recipe -- Space Diaries

To cure the cough, take Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. If you're not Asian (I'm half), then you're probably thinking what IS that?! Well my friends, it's about to change your life and put Buckley's to bed. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa is a Chinese natural herbal remedy used to relieve coughing, sore throat, hoarseness, and voice loss. Basically magic in a bottle. And guess what else? It actually tastes good. 

To cure the sore throat, gargle salt water. The salt will kill any bacteria loitering in your throat and I promise you'll feel the difference. (Just don't swallow it. That will just makes things worse.)

Also drink Iced Honey Lemonade. Honey and lemon act as disinfectants and carry a load of other healthy properties as well. And why the ice? A lot of people drink warm honey lemon tea when sick but hot beverages can make your throat feel worse. So drink it on the rocks.

Here's my recipe for Iced Honey Lemonade. It's also super tasty and healthy to drink when you're not sick (I'm drinking it right now!). 

Cure the winter flu + a recipe -- Space Diaries

What to do:

1. Boil water and dissolve your desired amount of honey in it.

2. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and stir.

3. Add ice and let it cool before drinking. 

What you need:


Unpasteurized local honey



Cure the winter flu + a recipe -- Space Diaries

+What are your winter flu essentials? 

Space Style: Snow White

Deep blues and merlots for a magical winter's day....

"Once upon a time in midwinter, when the snowflakes were falling like feathers from heaven, a queen sat sewing at her window, which had a frame of black ebony wood. As she sewed she looked up at the snow and pricked her finger with her needle. Three drops of blood fell into the snow. The red on the white looked so beautiful that she thought to herself, "If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood in this frame." Soon afterward she had a little daughter who was as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood, and therefore they called her little Snow White."

These photos make me feel like Snow White. Yes I'm sad I lost my summer tan, no my hair is not black it's actually dark brown, and boy do I ever love red on white. Also I don't wear oxfords in the snow, I just liked the way they looked with this outfit. 

Wearing: For Cynthia shirt (similar sustainable option), Parkhurst beret, Thrifted coat, Old Navy denim (distressed by me), Jessica shoes (similar sustainable option)